Smart Carpet Cleaner Reviews Make Purchasing Easy

If you live in a home or apartment with carpeted floors then you need to know about carpet cleaner reviews. It used to be that only the professional companies had access to high quality commercial grade carpet cleaners. With the development of technology over the past decade consumers now have the ability to purchase carpet cleaning machines capable of cleaning just like the professionals. But you can’t just go out to Walmart and buy just any machine and expect to get great results. That’s where carpet cleaner reviews comes in. We help consumers separate the junk from the jewels.

Smart Carpet Cleaner Reviews Make Purchasing Easy1

What should you look for in a quality carpet cleaner machine
First you need to consider how frequent you will use your carpet machine. If you’re someone who likes a super clean carpet you might find yourself using the machine on a daily basis. In this case you don’t want a bulky commercial grade machine, but rather a lightweight maneuverable machine. If you have low traffic in your home and only need to clean once every couple of months you may want to consider a larger heavy duty carpet machine. Families with children and pets will need a carpet cleaner capable of handling ground in stains and pet urine.

Must Have Key Features
If you’ve ever looked at the underside of a carpet machine you probably seen circular brushes, roller bar brushes, and hybrid brushes that contain both types together. In our carpet cleaner reviews we discuss each brushes performance and what they are intended for. Certain carpets respond better to specific brush types. Spin brushes tend to do a little better than bar brushes, however bar brushes are a easier on your carpet fibers. Carpet machines are capable of cleaning more than just your floor such as car upholstery, home upholstery, stairs, and other tough areas. Did you know modern carpet cleaners can actually heat up its water for deep cleaning while loosening set stains and lingering dust mites.

Think about how heavy and how big of a machine you need.

Most people find that bigger machines get used less often because they’re a hassle to pull out of storage on a regular basis. There is nothing worse than trying to clean an area of carpet and running out of cord. If you need to clean larger rooms you’ll need a longer cord but if you live in a small house or apartment you can probably get away with a standard or shorter cord. Finally, the footprint or cleaning path of a carpet cleaner will affect your overall work time. A small cleaning path will require more passes while a larger cleaning path will take less of your time due to reduced passes.

In the excitement of purchasing a new carpet cleaner, most people forget one of the most important factors which is the warranty. Your brand new carpet cleaner isn’t going to last forever and will eventually need maintenance or repair. If you’re going to spend $250 you want to know your investment will continue to pay off even into the future. A good warranty is a must. Consider the cost before purchasing a carpet cleaner without a warranty.

Our carpet cleaner reviews will assist you in finding the perfect carpet cleaner machine so you can maintain a clean floor and ultimately a cleaner home. As you sift through our carpet cleaner reviews you’ll find all the information you need to make an informed buying decision.

If you’re considering renting a carpet cleaner consider the cost. You can rent a rug doctor for about $25 but you only get to use it for a day. If you only plan on cleaning your carpet once or twice per year, this may not be a bad option. However, you lose the ability to attack stains and spills as they happen throughout the year. While renting is initially cheaper, you may end up losing money in the long run with carpets so dirty they won’t come clean. Preventative maintenance on your carpets will save you money as it extends the carpets life.

Upright carpet cleaner reviews are the most popular. When referring to an upright carpet cleaner it’s similar to what you probably know as an upright vacuum cleaner in which the machine stands upright with the motor and brushes underfoot. The most common size of cleaning path is between 10 inches and 12 inches. The wider the path the more you will pay. Another popular option is spot cleaners and portable cleaners. Both are much less effective at cleaning floors than the traditional upright cleaner. There are carpet cleaners which can clean both hard floors and carpeted floors.

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